Therapeutic Courts

Therapeutic Drug courts provide an opportunity to those who struggle with substance abuse/mental health challenges and are involved in the criminal justice system. Courts have realized that convicting individuals of a crime without providing the opportunity for rehabilitation doesn’t work. Therapeutic Court provides value to community safety, financially, and in creating programs that meet defendants where they are.

This path connects them not only with services and treatment but also incentivizes their participation. By successfully completing the program they are offered either a dismissal of a charge, less time spent in custody, or other opportunities that offer a benefit to the person. Our focus is on assisting clients to overcome criminal justice involvement and begin building strong relationships with their families, friends, and communities.

What is a Therapeutic Drug Court?

There are 10 key components that define Therapeutic Drug Courts.

Source: National Association of Drug Court Professionals, 1997


START Court: Success Through Accountability Restitution and Treatment

Random urinalysis is also a key program component.

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