Each One Teach One Alumni Group

Our Mission: To assist and mentor active members of the Drug court Program with issues/challenges that may occur while participating in the program and to provide continuing support for Alumni.

woman playing frisbee


Our Vision:

To create an environment of true understanding of what it means to be in drug court with the empathy that only comes with lived experience. This in turn creating opportunities for Alumni to be of service in ways only they can be.

Our Values:Group of people

  • Empathy
  • Commitment to Recovery
  • Honesty, Open mindedness, Willingness
  • Service before self


Our Goals:

As Alumni Group members, we strive to: 

  1. Be of support to any Drug Court participant to successfully complete Drug Court while maintaining a healthy life in sobriety, without jeopardizing our own recovery.
  2. Be a catalyst to improve retention of Drug Court participants throughout their Drug Court experience. 
  3. Organize activities that support recovery during and after Drug Court is completed.
  4. Provide an opportunity to be involved in service work.
  5. Provide mentors to Drug Court participants while they are in the Drug Court program.
  6. Create an environment for Drug Court graduates to provide the essential knowledge needed for success in the Drug Court program.

Dedicated to helping those most vulnerable, the abused and those in need of a second chance.