Outpatient Services

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Offering a Holistic Outpatient Experience that helps YOU define your own success.

Many of us need extra support right now. Let us help you find your pathway to wellness. 
HOPE is for everyone. No referral necessary. Our Holistic Outpatient Experience welcomes adults 18 and over. We connect you and your family members with supportive services across VOA Oregon. We offer support to individuals with or without legal involvement. 
There is always HOPE.

“We are a program that has compassion and a desire to help someone rebuild their fractured life. To be able to shine the light in their life where there was once no hope.”
Portrait of Craig
Craig Freeman
Lead Mentor, Harry Watson House

What Do We Offer?

Assessment & Evaluation

Our diverse counseling team provides professional evaluation of your needs for treatment of substance use, mental health, trauma, domestic violence, and problem gambling in English and Spanish.

Servicios en español

Ofrecemos una gran cantidad de servicios de apoyo, todos disponibles en español y diseñados para ayudarlo a obtener la atención y el apoyo que necesita.

Group & Individual Counseling

Your personalized and culturally specific treatment plan may include both educational and process groups as well as regular sessions with a primary counselor.

Mentoring and Case Management

Our mentors and case managers are integrated into our care teams to assist you in accessing resources for housing, employment, and other resources guided by their own life experiences.

DUII Resolution

Our counselors will help you resolve any legal stipulations connected to your DUI charge for Diversion, Conviction, or Restricted License issues.

Naturopathic Health Evaluation and Care

In partnership with NUNM, our clients have access to a team of health care providers who use naturopathic treatment modes to maintain good health and treat illness.

Medication Management

Our Psychiatric Prescriber provides evaluation and management of medications for mental health treatment.

Medication Supported Recovery

In partnership with Recovery Works NW, our team can help you access Medication Assisted Therapy.

Supervision and Reentry Support

Our team helps you navigate resources and reporting requirements of federal, state and local parole, probation, courts or child services.

Supportive Housing

Our Home Based Recovery programs offer Supportive housing along with intensive treatment services.

Problem Gambling

We provide counseling for people with gambling issues and for family members of people who gamble, regardless of whether or not their loved one is involved in treatment.

Interpersonal Recovery

We work with individuals to address both drug and alcohol use along with abusive, controlling patterns. We help them learn new skills, become accountable, and change behaviors.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about Outpatient Services? Reach out for more information. 

(503) 228-9229 

10564 SE Washington Street
Portland, OR 97216

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“I am now 5 ½ years clean and I can tell you keeping this program in Multnomah County is the most important and dear thing to my heart. This program saves and changes lives.”
Portrait of Annie
Annie Britton
Counselor, START Court

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