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Our services focus is to create thriving environments for everyone to grow, be healthy, and be safe. From the youngest child to the eldest community member, our services meet people where they are while providing resources, supporting the individual, and building stronger families.

Adults, Children, and Families

We provide compassionate care for the most important members of the families we serve. Our child-centered programs and Adult Day Centers offer therapeutic health and social day-time environments for children, the aging community, and adults with disabilities. For our youth and clients, we build environments that support behavioral health and equip young people with the skills that they need to withstand challenges and make healthy decisions.

Healthy families mean healthy kids. Our services seek to prevent family violence and promote resiliency, helping vulnerable families overcome trauma, and give their children and youth the best possible start in life.

Treatment, Recovery, and Reentry

Our comprehensive continuum of services includes; outpatient, residential, and home-based recovery programs, prevention and treatment of substance use disorder, problem gambling, mental illness among youth and adults, corrections counseling, and re-entry providing integrated treatment to clients involved in the criminal justice system.

Treatment is tailored to individual needs and includes individual and group counseling, medication management, naturopathic health care, case management, and referral services.