Community Monitoring

Community Monitoring Program (CMP) is a partnership with Multnomah County Juvenile Justice that permits some at-risk youth, who would otherwise be held in detention, to remain in the community under supervision of Youth Monitors (YM). CMP is a central component to Multnomah County’s Juvenile Detention Reform Initiative (JDAI).

The program gives the youth an opportunity to demonstrate accountability and responsibility in their community. Juvenile Court establishes the conditions under which each juvenile will remain in the community. Under continuous supervision by the Youth Monitors, the youth can continue with their school or work and maintain their positive community ties and support systems. CMP monitors youth with phone and in-person contact as well as GPS tracking. Depending on their compliance with the program, youth can move through the four decreasing levels of phone and in-person contact. To ensure public safety, any activity that places the public at risk may result in the youth’s removal from the program and placed in detention.

The program works with an average of 282 youth per year. Of those youth, an average of 86% of the youth complete the program successfully.

Dedicated to helping those most vulnerable, the abused and those in need of a second chance.