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Family Relief Nursery

Family Relief Nursery offers a holistic, positive intervention with both children and parents. The program is aimed at building resilience and assisting parents to grow in their ability to rise in the face of adversity and build strong systems of support for their families.

Our focus is on families with children six weeks to five years old, offering effective means of preventing the devastating long-term effects of child abuse and neglect, and preventing the intervention of the Child Welfare system.

All services are provided at no charge to families providing a therapeutic classroom environment, offering much needed respite to overwhelmed parents, and creating an environment where families of all backgrounds are able to thrive.

Contact Us:

The Family Relief Nursery at 234 SE 7th Ave., Portland
(503) 236-8492

The East Portland Relief Nursery at 2609 SE 136th Ave., Portland
(503) 972-9643

The Family Relief Nursery has partnered with Portland Children’s Levy to provide culturally specific child abuse prevention, parenting, and home visiting services.

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