COVID-19 Update

The current environment in which we are delivering services is one of the most challenging we have ever encountered here at VOA Oregon. The impact of COVID-19 is affecting not only our daily lives, but also the lives of our children, youth, and families. During this time, we have asked our staff to change how they deliver services and the environment they work in to ensure that our clients continue to receive important and often critical services. The staff’s willingness to make these changes has been deeply appreciated. Even during these challenges, VOA Oregon will continue our dedication to serving the most vulnerable, the abused, and those in need of a second chance.

Program Updates

Our programs are working to provide services to those in the community during this time. We have a wide range of operations happening throughout programs. Some have temporarily closed locations and services others have closed locations and are offering virtual services, others are still actively operating while implementing safety measures.

We are beginning to resume limited in-person care, in accordance with state guidelines. Current program status is listed below.

For questions about services currently being offered, contact us.

  • Home Base Recovery
  • Men’s Residential Center
  • Women’s Residential Center
  • Whispering Pines
  • Community Monitoring
  • Family Relief Nursery 
  • Therapeutic Courts
  • Home Free
  • Problem Gambling
  • ART
  • Prevention Services
  • Marie Smith Center
  • Moving Forward
  • Reentry Enhancement Coordination
  • My Little Waiting Room  (Both locations)
  • CourtCare
  • Treatment Readiness

We continue to remain dedicated to helping the most vulnerable, the abused, and those in need of a second chance. Help us to continue serving those in our community.