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Community Engagement.  Program Enhancement.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Volunteers of America Oregon!  We could not touch the lives of so many without your help. 

Last year, nearly 1,000 individuals volunteered just under 40,000 hours with our programs, helping to serve more than 15,000 children, families, adults and seniors in the greater Portland Metro area.
We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for both individuals and groups. And we always welcome your ideas if you have a particular vision or skill you would like to offer.  

"I could not have prepared myself for how I would feel about the actual people whose lives I'm helping to save.  Even if my encounter with them at VOA is just a stepping stone in their process, I feel privileged to bear witness to their experiences.” - VOA volunteer

Learn about one-time projects here.
Learn about on-going individual opportunities here.

How to Become a Volunteer:

View our current list of individual volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested in a particular opportunity or just want to explore your options, you are invited to attend a Volunteer Orientation to learn more about our programs and begin the screening process.  Please contact Volunteer Services to sign up for Volunteer Orientation.

After the orientation, you will be connected with the program of your choice to decide if you would like to work together.  Click here to learn more about the application process.  

If you have any questions or comments about a position or the application process, please contact Volunteer Services.

Benefits of Volunteering:

The benefits we offer vary widely due to the great diversity of our programs and positions, but volunteers who complete their initial commitment stay an average of 11 months because of the on-going learning and relationship-building they enjoy.  As a VOA volunteer, you are part of our agency-wide community, gaining access to a broad range of programs, volunteer opportunities, staff expertise, on-going trainings, social events, and perks.   

Volunteers also find that service with VOA provides:

  • A sense of meaning through taking tangible action on important social issues.
  • The opportunity to apply your skills and expertise to changing lives.
  • The change to launch a new career through networking, developing skills, and testing out a number of roles.
  • On-going learning through personalized coaching, agency-wide in-person trainings offered free of charge to boost your skills, and resources through Volunteer Bridge

Join VOA and experience the sense of belonging and exhileration that comes from connecting to others committed to making change in their lives and communities.


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Volunteer Services Impact Report FY 2014