START Court Drug Treatment Program

START Court Drug Treatment Program

VOA Oregon provides addictions treatment to repeat property crime offenders involved in the Multnomah County START Court. START stands for

Restitution and

In addition to addictions treatment and counseling, Parenting Education is offered to groups, individuals, and in-home to all START Court Treatment participants to address the challenges men and women in recovery face in parenting, We offer Nurturing Parenting courses in Fatherhood and Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery.

Random urinalysis is also a key program component.

Funding Sources: Multnomah County Department of Community Justice, U.S. Bureau of Justice Administration, Oregon Criminal Justice Commission, client fees, third-party insurance reimbursement. Parenting Education is supported by a grant from SAMHSA.

Between March 10, 2010 and January 20, 2011, START participants improved twice as much as would be expected, compared to a large national sample of individuals in mandated treatment with similar diagnoses and demographic characteristics, .

The START participants who at the time they began services endorsed that they were experiencing significant distress (typically the highest consumers of resources) showed remarkable improvement (a full standard deviation).

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News and Updates:
An NPR story highlights drug courts like START as a major budget solution and an investment that saves the community money in the long run. Click here for audio and the transcript.

Contact Information:
Christina Anderson BS, CADC II, Program Director
(971) 227-6092

What is Drug Court?