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Rockwood Community Health Clinic Co-Located Substance Use Disorder Services 

This Partnership between Multnomah County Rockwood Community Health Clinic and Volunteers of America Oregon's InAct Addictions Treatment Program is an innovative program that allows patients with co-occurring health and substance abuse issues to be diagnosed and effectively treated for both issues on site. Click here for the program brochure

In 2013, Volunteers of America Oregon's InAct Treatment Program received funding from the Providence Health Plan-Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation to pilot a groundbreaking and vital new program. To address the issue of unrecognized substance abuse disorders affecting overall health, we partnered with the Multnomah County Health Department to place an InAct Addictions Prevention and Treatment Counselor at the Rockwood Community Health Clinic. The counselor works with health clinic staff to assess patients for substance use disorders; when patients are assessed and treated for substance use disorders, they respond better to treatment of physical health issues and health care costs are lowered. With our partnership, patients assessed with substance abuse disorder are now provided services by our counselor, who helps them recognize their substance abuse issues and offers treatment onsite. The goals of this project are to improve health and satisfaction with treatment, and lower health care costs. We thank our funders, Providence Health Plan/Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Fund of OCF, and our partners, Multnomah County Health Clinics. Providence Center for Outcomes Research and Education is evaluating this project, and we will be reporting those outcomes when they are available.   - 

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