Support Racial Justice – Be an Informed Ally

Volunteers of America Oregon stands with the communities, organizations, and individuals across the country and world fighting against the systemic racism that exists within our nation. Significant social change has come in our country from peaceful demonstrations, marches, advocacy, from voting for change, and from elected officials rising to the occasion. We are at the crossroads and must take the active steps to eliminate systemic racism. Together we can become the nation that was promised in our founding documents. May we all find wisdom, guidance and courage to address the issues, practices, and barriers that divide and separate us as a people. 

Volunteers of America Oregon has a long history of reaching out to populations that have been marginalized, that have been victims of bias and discrimination.  We stand for social justice. Today we stand by our commitment to help the most vulnerable in our community, no restrictions.

We stand for racial justice and equity.

Stand with us! Stand together!

We ask that you stand with us for racial equity and social justice.

Make a Difference

How to contribute to this major societal change agenda?

Develop Self-awareness

Have uncomfortable conversations. “What do I do that might contribute to the problem of racism?”

Volunteer and Support

Get involved with organizations that serve those in need, specifically BIPOC individuals.

Educate Yourself

Watch films, read books & articles, listen to podcasts, and attend lectures about race and anti-racism work.

See something, say something

If there appears to be an inappropriate action or slight say something. Silence is our enemy.

Listen to BIPOC voices

This is a time for each of us to make the extra effort to get to know our community. More specifically, to get to know the Black people, Indigenous Peoples, and people of color in our community.

Register to Vote

Be an advocate and a loud voice in the movement for change. 


Reading Lists

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