Problem Gambling Staff Bios

Meet the Problem Gambling Staff   

David Corse, LPC, CADCI, CGACII, NCGCII  Program Director of Community Counseling Services

David provides clinical, cultural, programmatic, and financial oversight and cultivation for a group of specialty addictions treatment and mental health services in East Multnomah County.  Adelante provides outpatient addictions and mental health treatment specialized for Latinos.  Problem Gambling Services provides outpatient group, individual, families, and couples therapy for problem gamblers and their families.  Open Services provides outpatient addictions and mental health treatment for self motivated individuals embracing change.  Homebase Recovery offers a blended residential treatment concept that includes intensive outpatient addictions and mental health treatment with recovery housing to Men dealing with homelessness in Multnomah County.  Integrated Services works with embedding addictions treatment in medical settings and vice versa.

David began his career in mental health working on a crisis line.  On the crisis line, he spoke with many people including those dealing with gambling addiction.  David recognized that many people in our culture are unaware of gambling addiction and the toll it takes on people’s lives – gamblers and family members alike.  At that point, David decided that deepening his and others understanding of problem gambling was a necessity.  David worked as a problem gambling counselor here at VOA for years before moving into his current role as Program Director.  Problem Gambling and Recovery continue to be a top priority in his work at VOA and in the community.  

Azusa Ogawa, MS, CGACII, CADCI Asian Problem Gambling

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” MLK Jr.

All our clients get here from different walks of life. So do all counselors.  Azusa is no exception.  She left her hometown of Kyoto, Japan, reached Portland in search of herself and in pursuit of her dreams, and found strong purpose and astonishing passion in working with problem gamblers.  

Azusa is the very first native Japanese person who is a Certified Gambling Addiction Counselor (by ACCBO).  Azusa serves as a bilingual/bicultural counselor, prevention specialist – focusing on Asian communities - and also an active member of Oregon Asian Problem Gambling Advisory Committee.  This Committee meets to work towards the goals of increaseing awareness of problem gambling among the Asian/ Asian American populations, and to make education and treatment more accessible.

Just take the first step; by creating a genuine and collaborative relationship with individual clients, Azusa relies on the conversation to get at the truth of steps to be taken. She helps refine your goals by exploring your own visions, values, and drives. You don’t have to be fully ready for change, but be curious about possibilities. If you feel change is extremely difficult, she can help you remove barriers to change such as your worries, fears, and anxiety around it, to begin with. 

Nate Peterson, CADCI, CGRM  Problem Gambling

Nate was one of the first person’s in the State of Oregon to be certified as a Gambling Recovery Mentor and is also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  Nate has played a very active role in problem gambling issues for the past 6 ½ years as both a person in recovery from a gambling addiction and as an advocate and sitting board member of Voices of Problem Gambling Recovery, a non-profit that speaks for those who suffer from or are affected by problem gambling. Nate has given personal testimonial to Oregon State Legislature Committee’s and has advocated in front of  the Oregon Lottery Commission to ensure funding for Problem Gambling in the state

Nate has been with Volunteers of America for the past 2 ½ years, first completing his Practicum for his CADCI and then as a counselor with VOA’s Community Partners Reinvestment Program working with young men in both jail and prison. He was brought on at InAct/Problem Gambling Services for his expertise and experience with problem gambling and recovery from problem gambling.

Currently Nate is our Problem Gambling Education Coordinator for Problem Gambling Services and our Gambling Recovery Mentor here at InAct. As our recovery mentor he provides support, information, and resources for those in early recovery by using his own experiences in both gambling addiction and recovery to provide the individual their own pathway to success in recovery. You could say that Nate walks the talk of recovery.

Miguel Tellez, CADC II, CGAC II, B.S. - Program Director, Adelante!

Miguel has been an addictions counselor for the past 17 yrs. 7 of those working with Gang affected Latino youth. A leader in the Latino Community he sits on 3 different boards and has vast experience advocating for the Latino Community. He is a cultural competency trainer, conference speaker, both national and regional and program developer for the Latino community.  For his work with gang affected Latino youth, in 2004 he was Awarded the “Spirit of Portland Award” from Mayor of Portland Oregon for the Non-Profit of the Year and in 2000 he was Awarded the “Community Advancement Award” from US Drug Czar, General McCaffery, for the Non-Profit of the Year.  Senor Tellez has also developed a Hazelden published Cultural Awareness exercises that has been implemented by the Oregon Youth Authority.

He has been leading the Adelante program for the past 6 years as the Clinical Supervisor and has been instrumental in developing Latino services both in Clackamas and Multnomah County.

Miguel Tellez, CADC II, CGAC II, B.S.

Miguel ha sido consejero de adicciones durante los últimos diecisiete años, siete de cuales han sido trabajando con jóvenes latinos afectados por pandillas. Un líder en la comunidad Latina, es miembro de tres diferentes consejos y tiene vasta experiencia abogando por los Latinos. Es un entrenador de competencia cultural, conferencista - tanto nacional y regional y desarrollador del programa para la comunidad Latina.

Por su trabajo con los jóvenes latinos afectados por pandillas, en 2004 se le concedió el "Premio Spirit of Portland" del alcalde de Portland, Oregon para las organizaciones no lucrativas del año.  En el año 2000 fue galardonado con el "Premio Promoción Comunitaria" de Zar Antidrogas de EEUU, el General McCaffery, para las organizaciones no lucrativas del año. 

El Sr. Tellez también ha desarrollado ejercicios de Conciencia Cultural, publicados por Hazelden, que han sido puesto en práctica por la Autoridad Juvenil de Oregon.  Él ha liderado el programa Adelante durante los últimos seis años como supervisor clínico y ha sido instrumental en el desarrollo de servicios latinos en los condados de Clackamas y Multnomah. 

Julio Iniguez MFT, CGACII  Counselor III, Adelante!

Julio is a Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapist that specializes in the treatment of addiction.  His training includes a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Lewis & Clark college and a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California, Irvine.  He is passionate about working with people who want to move from a place of struggle into balance and wholeness in their life. 

He comes to Portland by way of Santa Ana, California, where he was raised after his family re-located from Guadalajara, Jalisco.  Julio has a firsthand perspective on how navigating different cultures can create opportunities for addictive processes to arise.  He believes that the interweaving of physical, psychological, and societal processes that surround us can create personal and relational difficulties that are uncomfortable to navigate.  Through exploring the stories of our lives and the impact of these on our ability to live life in a wholesome manner, we can move towards more balance in our lives.  In the process of connecting our stories to the emotions and needs within them, we can find empowerment to create the change we are seeking.  Our strengths can get buried beneath expectations, desires, and oppressions.  The process of therapy allows the drawing out of those strengths to empower individuals, couples, and families to be resilient in their lives. 

Calvin Myers, LCSW, CADCI

Calvin earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work with Emphasis in Interpersonal Practice at the University of Michigan in December 1987.  He earned his LCSW and CADCI as well.  His career as a clinician spans more than 2 decades and has served the mentally ill, geriatric and substance abusing communities.  Calvin’s roles have ranged from line staff to Regional Clinical Consultant, and he has taken part in 10 start-up operations in 3 states.  

In addition to Counseling, he has had experience in the hospitality and entertainment industries.  Calvin performed stand-up comedy and acted on television and in film.  He studied Acting under Arthur Mendoza, protégé of Stella Adler and coach to Selma Hyak, Benicio del Toro, Mark Ruffalo, and others. 

Calvin believes  that he is at his best when he is helping  you be your best.  One key to the success of a program is that the staff feel they are flourishing for they,  in turn,  will encourage their clients to flourish.   Calvin completed  a 30 hour course in Clinical Supervision form Lewis & Clark College in March 2015. 


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