MRC Alumni Program

MRC Alumni Program

If one can measure a program's success by the loyalty and gratitude expressed by former participants, then the Men's Residential Center (MRC) is doing something right. 

A recent Alumni Celebration—the largest and most notable event of the year for the MRC—brought 139 men together to reconnect with staff and  friends, share success stories, and celebrate each other's courage for having turned their lives around. Together, they represented over 675 years of sobriety! That's a lot to celebrate and a lot to be grateful for.

In addition to attending the annual alumni event, many of these men whose lives had formerly been marked by crime and addiction have returned to the center to be mentors for others.

"We are grateful to our alumni for all they do in supporting new clients entering treatment at the MRC, and for the strength they've shown in their own recoveries," noted Greg Stone, Program Director. "They're helping spread the possibility of recovery and empowering others to become more accountable, and they're helping create a safer community for everyone."

Congratulations to Greg, his staff, and to the men who are giving back in appreciation for all they've received at MRC.