Homebase Recovery

Homebase Recovery

Homebase Recovery offers clean-and-sober housing and addiction treatment to ten men. Participants of Homebase Recovery agree to attend addiction treatment while being provided:

Monitored housing

Addiction and mental health counseling

Recovery mentors

Night staff

After an assessment, participants help design an Individual Services and Support Plan (ISSP) to be used as a blueprint on their path to recovery. As part of this path to recovery, participants will attend A/D treatment functions and attend community recovery support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA, NA) or SMART Recovery.

Recovery mentors help participants transition into the program and, later, transition into an independent life of recovery. Recovery mentors also help with:

Safe-and-sober housing
Obtaining food stamps and other community services

Latino Homebase Recovery

These culturally-specific supportive services fill a gap in addictions treatment for Latinos. Read a Portland Tribune article about this new VOA Oregon program here

The Latino Homebase Recovery House.

For more information about Homebase, please contact:

Calvin Myers, LCSW, CADC-I,

503.327.1058. cmyers@voaor.

For more information about Latino Homebase, please contact

Miguel Tellez , CADC II, CGAC II, BS

503. 501. 9939 mtellez@voaor.org

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