Gladys Norment: Accentuating the Positive

Gladys Norment: Accentuating the Positive

Mention the words "social butterfly" to any staff member at Lambert House East and the first person they'll likely think of is Gladys Norment. She's the one in the middle of a group keeping everyone engaged in conversation, laughter, and sharing life's stories.

Gladys, now in her late eighties, had always been an independent spirit living in her own home.  But when she suffered a series of falls and other physical setbacks, her doctor gave her two choices: either find some top quality adult day care while her daughter was at work, or move into a foster care home.

She was naturally resistant to such a change, but in April 2006, she finally agreed to give Lambert House a try.  It turned out to be a perfect fit.  Gladys quickly bonded with the staff and other participants and for five days a week she enjoys the music, the crafts, and the stimulating activities offered at the center.  But mostly she appreciates the opportunity to socialize.

"Yes, I'm a chatterbox," Gladys confesses. "One of the reasons I love coming here is because I no longer have to talk to myself!"

Gladys has become such a positive force at the center, everyone notices if she's absent for the day.  She's still recovering from the injuries from her fall and in bad weather arrives in a wheelchair. But she gets exercise every day at the center when a staff member helps her move around with the aid of a walker.

"I've watched my mother grow stronger emotionally, mentally, and physically since she's been going to the center," said Sue Norment, Gladys' daughter.  "She's even singing again for the first time in years.  She may not always remember the staff members' names, but she loves every one of them.   Lambert House is a wonderful place for her to be."

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