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Family Involvement Team

FIT for Recovery

Our mission is to expedite access to recovery services for individuals impacted by Substance Use Disorders by collaboratively removing barriers in order to support sustained recovery and accelerate family reunification.




Family Involvement Team (FIT) for Recovery provides parents who have Substance Use Disorder and are involved in the Child Welfare system with rapid access to substance use treatment in Multnomah County.

Our services are designed to engage participants in treatment and help parents move towards reunification with their children and the creation of more stable families. We work in collaboration with Multnomah County, local alcohol & drug treatment agencies, and the DHS (Department of Human Services) Self-Sufficiency Office. Our Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselors (CADC) and Outreach Workers are available at the Juvenile Court and all Multnomah County DHS offices. Throughout the past two fiscal years, we served approximately 500 clients each year. Participants must be referred to our program by their DHS Child Welfare caseworker.


Program Director: Greg Cussen

Cell: 971-373-1910

E-mail: GCussen@voaor.org

A & D Outreach Program Receives Governor’s Innovation Award

When parents are faced with losing custody of their children because of substance abuse and addiction—or seeking to regain custody–time is of the essence in finding a solution. Volunteers of America Oregon’s Drug and Alcohol Outreach Program, under the leadership of Julie Granger, is a vital part of that solution.  Julie and her team prove that there are no limits to caring.

The program is part of a larger collaboration: The Family Involvement Team (FIT).* FIT received the Outstanding Innovations in Government Award from the Governor’s Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Since its inception in 2000, FIT has worked to speed up the process of getting an addicted parent from the courtroom into treatment, cutting the statewide average from 110 days to 17 days. With a national average of over 200 days for an addicted parent to receive treatment, the reasons for this well-deserved award become clear.

 “The child welfare law allows a limited time in which to unify families. The sooner we can get a parent into a treatment program, the more likely it is that they can recover and the sooner they can be re-united with their children,” Julie explained.  “We have a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and an A&D Outreach Worker stationed on site at the juvenile courts,” she added. “They are immediately available to screen for treatment needs and to assist the parents in removing barriers that might hinder them in accessing treatment.”

The mission is to give parents a second chance to create safer and more nurturing environments for families and children as soon as possible. 

For more information about the Alcohol and Drug Outreach program contact Julie Granger, Program Director, at 503 236-3033.

*FIT is a collaboration between Multnomah County’s Department of Community Justice, Department of County Human Services, and the Multnomah County Family Court, the state Department of Human Services, Volunteers of America Oregon,  Cascadia, NARA, Letty Owings Center, Lifeworks NW, CODA,  and Morrison Center.

Dedicated to helping those most vulnerable, the abused and those in need of a second chance.