An Innovative Program

The Sundance program is intentionally designed to capture the time of day when individuals with progressive cognitive impairments may experience an increase in challenging behaviors known as “sundowning.” These behaviors can include wandering, resistance to care, confusion, and agitation; many of these behaviors have been shown to stem from unmet needs, including boredom and frustration from inactivity.

Sundance focuses on two primary evidence-based interventions for this population: music therapy and a multi-sensory environment. Interactive live music therapy, which has been shown effective to decrease agitated behaviors, is provided at each session. We’ve set-up a controlled multi-sensory environment to stimulate all of the senses, utilizing lighting, aromatherapy, peaceful music, and opportunities for tactile engagement. This type of environment has been proven to improve mood, decrease adverse behaviors, and facilitate interaction with others by providing stimulating and interactive engagement without making intellectual demands.

A ratio of 1 care-giver to each 4 participants supports facilitative care between trained staff members and participants with many opportunities for one-on-one interaction. In addition, there are many activity stations set up throughout the facility to promote sensory engagement and support individual exploration both indoors and outdoors in the secure garden area. Dinner is served, focusing on easy-to- eat finger foods; diets are modified to meet textural dietary needs.


Sundance operates at Lambert House
2600 SE 170th Avenue Portland, OR 97236

Hours of Operation:
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Enroll at Sundance

If you are a caregiver, and would like more information on this program, contact Alison Bookman-Skidmore.

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