Danny's Story

Danny's Story

Danny grew up without a dad and his drug-addicted mother was unable to care for him. With no positive role models, he'd been involved with the juvenile justice system since the age of nine. His angry and resentful behavior landed him in a youth correctional facility at 15. When he got out, he thought he was bullet proof.  But within a year, he was arrested on assault charges and tried as an adult. He emerged from prison six long years later with no education, no training, and no job prospects. This time he was scared, but he had two things; a dream to be an electrician, and more importantly he finally had someone in his corner.

Six months before he was released, he met Larry, a counselor with our Community Partners Reinvestment Project (CPR). And for the first time, Danny felt somebody in his life really understood and cared about him.

Twice a week he'd attended CPR's support group, completed their anger management class, and began to reflect on the costs of his risky behavior. Danny had high hopes, but the day he was released from prison, some of his old buddies threw him a keg party, just like the old days.  Fortunately, his CPR Parole Officer showed up for a routine visit.  With the Parole Officer's thoughtful intervention, Danny realized he would need to find new friends if he wanted to stay out of prison.

Once back in the community, Danny continued his treatment and got connected to resources. Through CPR’s employment partners, he enrolled in an apprenticeship program and electrician’s school. Life has changed for Danny; he's working towards his dream. He goes to school, has a job, and his own apartment. Because CPR is a collaboration of community-based service providers, Danny received the array of support he needed to get a new start.

CPR is a unique transition program that supports and provides guidance to men ages 18 to 25 who are returning to the community after incarceration.  Their mission is to facilitate a successful re-entry back into society and to reduce the likelihood of their returning to prison.

Thanks to the work of CPR’s community partnership, we are helping build safer and stronger communities.