CourtCare Outcomes

CourtCare Outcomes

CourtCare has served over 10,000 children since its inception in 2001.  

For the fiscal year 2010-2011, CourtCare served

811 children
521 adults -- all of whom reported that they were satisfied with CourtCare.

The most common types of court business included domestic violence/restraining orders, Legal Aid, traffic violations, showing as witness in a trial, custody issues, and STOP Court participation.

What parents and guardians are saying about CourtCare:

The staff was very helpful.  They gave me several resources to help me get back on my feet.

This is an awesome program, great service to parents!  Friendly teachers and safe location.  

CourtCare gave me time to think before going to court and kept my children safe while I was in court.

CourtCare allowed me to focus on court issues, while my son was safe in their care.

We live two hours away, and I'm a stay-at-home mom and had no other option for childcare. I'm glad they have this service.