Workshop Slot #1

Building Healthy Relationships; Identifying and Addressing Red Flags in Relationships

Jillian de la Torre - Reed College

This workshop will address strategies for building healthy relationships - the focus for this workshop will be on romantic relationships, but the skills we will learn can be applied to all kinds of relationships. We will talk about how to identify red flags for potentially toxic and abusive behavior, how to navigate these situations, and how to recognize and strive for healthy relationships for ourselves and our loved ones.

Community & Consent: How building community can foster consent culture

Sydian Mikesell - Cleveland High School

This workshop will be an interactive discussion of how different elements of community relate to consent culture, and ways to enhance those aspects of community through action. Participants will engage in fun activities around creating community and building healthy relationships while actively practicing consent. We will also consider place, and how physical aspects of our environment create or discourage healthy interactions.

Be the Boss of Your Body: Sexual Healthcare Access 101

Beaverton Teen Council

Ever wondered what your rights are as a minor at the doctor’s office? Ever felt judged for your age and wanted to make your own decisions? Ever wanted to help someone figure out how to get services and not known where to go? Join Planned Parenthood’s Beaverton Teen Council to learn how to navigate the system and get what you need!

Do You Wanna Play?

Lili (Papillon) and partner Linda Keast
Lyndi (Goldendoodle) with Regina Noxon
Dylan (Golden Retriever) with Bob Robison
Teva (Aussie) with Rachel Sutton
The Little Dog Laughed AAT

Modern dog training is 100% based on clear communication, positive reinforcement, and CONSENT. We will use dog training exercises to weave together the attendees' own choices as participants in the workshop (e.g., do you want to work with that dog in front of everyone, or just watch?) and the choices offered our off-leash dogs as we clicker-train them to do new and fun behaviors - for the dogs, this is all a marvelous game since they trust us to follow the rules.

Crafting the Masculine

Sean Talbot and Giles Charlé

In this interactive workshop we'll uncover the gifts of masculinity by challenging ourselves to shed the lies and stories we've been told about how to be a man. This work helps us be more true to ourselves and helps us communicate and create healthy, consensual relationships with others.

All who identify as Male are welcome.

Consent, Contraception, and Communication: Sex Positivity as Prevention for Sexual Assault

Anika Morkowski and Sam Anderson – Pacific University

This workshop aims to foster open and honest conversations about sex & the complexities of consent; discussing the impacts of understanding boundaries, contraception, and sexual health on positive sexual experiences.

Mental Health First Aid & Self-Care

Ariel Carter-Rodriguez - Portland State University, Intern at the Sexual Assault Resource Center

How can you take care of yourself in the moment when you're feeling sad, stressed, or scared? What can you do to make yourself feel better until you can talk to someone? This workshop will cover some mental health “first aid” strategies you can use for yourself and others to reduce distress. We will also discuss what “self-care” really means for you, and what “taking care of yourself” looks like for you versus what people think it “should” look like.

Consent Education Equals a SAFER Generation

Victoria (Tori) Siegel, Maggie Satchwell, Audrey Walker, and Mia Nelson - Lincoln High School

Our workshop will focus on the importance of consent education. We will share our story of how we succeeded in creating and implementing consent lectures at our school. Come learn about what consent education looks like and how you can make change in your school or community!

Examining rape culture in social media platforms

Kaia Berger and Kaitlin Molina

In this workshop we will be examining rape culture on social media and technology platforms such as ads, TV shows, and songs. We will discuss how we can use social media for the better.

Workshop Slot #2

Queer Sexuality

Cecilia - SARC

This workshop will explore and celebrate the elements of the expansive myriad of queer identities and sexualities. We will define sexual orientations/gender identities and discuss the topic of inclusive and affirming sex for queer people.

Kick your triggers in the butt! Tools for managing trauma reactions in friendship and dating

Angie Gunn - SPEEC

Getting triggered in moments of fun or pleasure can really kill the vibe. You're not alone in this experience. Angie Gunn, trauma and sex therapist, will provide strategies for reducing triggers, identifying when they pop up, and how to manage it in the moment. She will use discussion, small group practice, and some fun demonstrations to equip you to kick your triggers in the butt!

Stop-Go, You can always say No!

Jennifer Cruz Hernandez, Weston Taylor, Megan Feely, Morgan Gallardo, and Haylee Williams

Green means yes, red means no. Decide for yourself and become a consensual pro.

Movement Improvisation for Healing and Empowerment

Claire Barrera – Artist, Activist, Educator

Healing from stress and trauma and experiencing the strength of our ability to act in the world are important tools for the anti-violence revolution. By working with fun somatic exercises, we will reconnect with our bodies. Improvisation games will give us a chance to explore how and why we make decisions, give and receive consent, and create change in the world. This workshop is for people of all ages, abilities, and skills. If possible, come in clothes that will help you feel comfortable moving around!

Mental Health Youth Advocates

Sam – Grant High School
Emma – Grant High School
Karina – Benson High School
Violet – Grant High School
Kira – Grant High School

MHYA’s workshop gives information on different mental illnesses, how to seek support, self-care, advocating, problem solving, and resources.

Body Positivity

Arianna Kupras

Create conversations in regard to eating disorder education and red flag warning signs, repairing relationships with bodies, and radical acceptance discussions towards body positivity.

Subverting Rape with Rap

Jesse Gardner – Madison High School
Elliot Taylor – Open School East

Come gather together to learn the basics of the art of rapping with a specific intention. We will write raps that use the power of our words to spread stories and awareness of the importance of consent, communication and respect in relationships. Ending the workshop, we will circle up in a Cypher and participants will be invited to share their raps.

Supporting Trauma Survivors

Siena Nesbitt-Fox, Nell Scherfling, and Linnea Kelly – Reed College

This workshop will teach participants how to support the survivors in their lives by understanding and identifying the manifestations of trauma, recognizing survivors’ immediate needs, and providing support throughout the healing process. The presentation will also cover the basics of bystander intervention and how to intervene in events of unwanted sexual aggression.

It’s all about Power: Recognizing Abusive Relationships

Caryn Shebowich and Zoe Schacter-Brodie – Tivnu Building Justice

Is it okay to drop everything when my partner calls? That I check with my partner before posting on Instagram? That they want me to text them when I get home? Sometimes it’s clear when a relationship is abusive. Sometimes it’s messy. In this workshop, we will explore what is healthy, unhealthy, and abusive in relationships, and talk about how we can recognize and support our peers if they are in an abusive situation.

Workshop Slot #3

What 100 sex offenders told me they wish they had known

Kora Kresin

Develop your understanding of “active consent” and how it can be applied to sexual or non-sexual situations. Consent is not just about what someone says once! Learn how to communicate and understand consent, as well as what to do if you feel uncomfortable consenting, and you feel “stuck”. We'll talk about setting personal boundaries to carry with you through your love/personal life (e.g. communication, family, recreational activities, sexual preferences). This presentation is for anyone, whether or not they’re in a romantic relationship.

Bystander Intervention 101: The Power of Us

Brenna Wilson-Fey and Kalu Obasi – Volunteers of America Oregon

Bystander 101: The Power of Us will empower participants to identify the barriers that bystanders face that inhibit them from intervening in various situations, and how to overcome those barriers while making participants aware of their own biases. Participants will be able to recognize three methods in which they can intervene, and will better understand the connection between substance use, consent, and the power of bystanders in such situations.

On Fatness and #MeToo: Navigating Rape Culture in a Plus-Size Body

Margot van der Bie – Volunteers of America Oregon

This workshop will explore the complications of navigating sexism and rape culture while existing in a larger body. There is a unique experience for fat folks who experience an additional layer of trauma in toxic relationships when fatphobia is used as a tactic of abuse. This workshop will cover fatphobia 101, subtle ways thin privilege shows up in our culture, ways to cultivate body positivity that is radically inclusive, discuss the representation of fat bodies in the media, and explore resources for fat survivors.

Five Circles of Sexuality

Ajai - Artist

Sex is more than intercourse. Sex and sexuality impacts all aspects of our lives. Join us in a discussion that looks at sexuality holistically, helps us define intimacy, and sensuality, and how it impacts emotional and physical health, and how it is used in our culture.

It’s All About Needs: Conflict Resolution through Non-Violent Communication

Caryn Shebowich –Tivnu Building Justice

Conflict doesn’t have to be black and white, or “you win I lose”. It doesn’t have to push people away. Conflict is not inherently bad. It’s about needs being unmet, and if you do it right sometimes everyone can win! Come learn some Non-Violent Communication techniques that can help get to the bottom of any conflict, large or small.

Safe Sex for Everyone!

Danny, Julia, Elliot, and Olivia – Let’s Talk Outreach

An inclusive safe sex lesson covering STI prevention and forms and use of birth control and contraception.

Legal Protections Just for YOUth!

Claire Barcenas-Hester – Volunteers of America Oregon

In “Legal Protections Just for YOUth!” we will learn about ways that the legal system can help keep teens safe after an assault. We will talk about restraining orders, legal protections, where to go for legal help, and how we can create safer communities to decrease the need to obtain protective orders. There will be discussions, information, and activities. We welcome any person as they are who would like to learn more!

Poppin' off on Pop Culture

Anastasia Hale and Eli Hess – Portland State University

Rape culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and sexual violence is normalized and often excused by the media and in popular culture. This workshop utilizes American pop culture to deconstruct rape culture, gender equity, and harmful gender stereotypes. Participants will: learn how media and pop culture shape our views of sexuality, gender, and perpetuate rape culture; deconstruct positive and negative sexual media messages; discuss how sexism in media and pop culture intersects with racism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism.

Promoting Consent Culture: Fun and Comfortable Flirting for All

Victoria (Tori) Siegel, Maggie Satchwell, Audrey Walker, and Mia Nelson – Lincoln High School

Flirting is something most everyone does! It is supposed to be fun for all participants. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We will show ways to make sure your flirting is safe and promoting a consent culture. We will try our very best to make this workshop a fun, safe, and open space for all. Be prepared to learn, be challenged, be flirty and laugh!

African Royalty and White Privilege

Kheoshi Owens - Empress Rules Equity Consulting

Explore the Greatness of Africa and the Creation of White Privilege.

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