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Parent or guardian permission is required for minors who wish to attend the Consent Convergence. The adult giving permission may read the waiver below and type their e-signature into the participant registration form. If an e-signature can't be provided, the participant may bring a note of permission signed by the parent or guardian, or a signed printed copy of the waiver to the event. 18+ participants will be asked to sign a similar waiver upon arrival at the event. Thank you for your support!

The Consent Convergence will take place on November 10th, 2018 at Portland State University’s Smith Memorial Union. We will be welcoming 200-300 teenage students from Multnomah County and surrounding areas to participate in this FREE day of workshops, presentations, art, leadership skill-building, and opportunities to take action to promote a culture of equity and consent in their own communities. Continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided throughout the day.

Volunteers of America Oregon has been working alongside various community partners such as The Raphael House of Portland, SEI, Multnomah County, Portland Public Schools, NARA, Cares NW, Call to Safety, SARC and others to actualize The Consent Convergence as a potent, relevant, inclusive, trauma-informed event.


Various organizers and contributors have brought intersectional and culturally specific perspectives throughout the process; from planning and developing programming, to facilitating activities and offering support to youth on-site at the summit. Youth have given input and energy throughout this process of dreaming and organizing, which has guided the creation of the Convergence.

What we’re about:

Youth are powerful and play a major role in changing our culture for the better. Promoting consent culture takes the commitment of the whole community. We want to empower all youth to create a world that eliminates violence and promotes healthy relationships.

How we come together:

Our goal is to include and raise up all voices, especially people who come from groups or identities that have not always been respected and heard. We ask participants to bring compassion for themselves and others, honor everyone’s voices and experiences, and take accountability if you hurt someone.

The times we are currently living in present us with opportunities to participate in big cultural changes. Through the recent upwellings of survivors speaking out against celebrity sexual abusers, the #MeToo movement, remarkable increases in the realms of LGBTQIA visibility and messages about gender liberation. It is clear that we are on the crest of a wave that is building momentum. The culture of normalizing sexual violence and sweeping inequity under the rug is being challenged in many ways, large and small. How do we learn to love ourselves and participate in healthy, respectful relationships when we are constantly surrounded by problematic examples? We have to support each other.

As individuals and as a society, we are being called to make decisions and take steps that will chart the map into our collective future.

Youth have a very powerful role in the work of drawing this map. The Consent Convergence acknowledges young people as leaders in the process of creating a culture of consent, equity, safe relationships, and liberation for all.

The Consent Convergence will bring together people who are eager to add momentum to the swelling tide of Consent Culture. We will support each other to share knowledge, build connections, access healing, and develop skills to surf the waves of cultural change with compassion, clarity, creativity, and conviction. Join us!

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