For Guardians

Adult permission is required for minors who wish to attend the Consent Convergence.

The adult giving permission must:

1.) Read this waiver
a.) Type their e-signature in the box provided on the
participant registration form.
b.) Ensure the minor arrives at the Consent Convergence
with a permission note signed by the adult.

Thank you for your support

We celebrate adults who are supportive of youth learning and growth! At this youth-centered event we strive to create a space where teens feel empowered and safe to open up, share, and learn from each other. In order to do this, we want to give youth as much space and time to talk with each other and with workshop leaders as possible.

Adults are invited to be present at the summit as volunteers or chaperones to

youth who wish to be accompanied. We encourage adults to listen and be observers throughout the summit and consider refraining from attending workshops unless specific youth have requested accompaniment.

Our goal is to staff each space with at least one volunteer whose dedicated role will be to re-direct harmful statements and monitor emotional activation that might arise. If you are an adult who would like to be present at the Consent Convergence in any of these roles, please fill out this volunteer form.

If you have a concern about anything discussed at the summit, please notify Jenny Woodson who will be present at the summit:

Please respect the gender pronouns of all summit attendees. If a pronoun is not noted on a name tag, please don’t assume a person's gender. If relevant, you may ask the individual.

Oregon Department of Education's Health and Sexuality Ed. Standards

In accordance with The State of Oregon's Health and Sexuality Education Standards, The Consent Convergence strives to create a safe, structured venue to offer content that is accurate, inclusive, age-appropriate, and free of shame or fear.

We promote affirmative consent as an essential component of healthy interpersonal behavior. We support youth to identify and honor their own boundaries, recognizing that every individual’s development and readiness for intimacy moves at a unique pace that should never be rushed.We encourage student bystander initiatives and training youth to provide appropriate support to peers in need.


We wish to empower young people to strengthen social norms that encourage equitable and respectful relationships so that all individuals might experience their sexuality as a natural and positive element of maturation.

We affirm positive communication and involvement with family or supportive adults as a meaningful aspect of youth learning to make responsible, respectful and healthy decisions.

We respect youth as self-determined authorities on their own lives, bodies, and experiences. We strive to empower youth choice and leadership while we humbly laud the immense brilliance and vision of young people who have inspired and collaborated to actualize this event.

Consent Culture starts with talking to kids about sex.