Children and Families

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." -- Frederick Douglass

Healthy families mean healthy communities.

Whether it's a family seeking parenting support, a woman fleeing domestic violence, or a senior with dementia seeking support for mental and physical health, we provide services to individuals and families in need

Our programs seek to prevent family violence and promote resiliency, helping vulnerable families to overcome trauma and give their children and youth the best possible start in life. Seniors gain community and enhanced health and well being.

About Our Programs

CourtCare a drop-in child care program located in downtown Portland's Multnomah County Courthouse for the children of families involved in court proceedings. It eliminates distruptions during courtroom proceedings and protects children from witnessing unpleasant situations. CourtCare is operated by Volunteers of America Oregon, in partnership with the Multnomah Bar Association, the Oregon Judicial Department and Multnomah County.

Family Recovery Support works to support individuals who have a past or current case with child welfare and are completing or have recently completed treatment for drug or alcohol abuse.

Family Relief Nursery is an intervention/prevention program for families with children six weeks to five years years old. The primary goals are to break the intergenerational cycle of child abuse and neglect, to nurture child development, and to assist parents in strengthening their families in a safe, supportive environment.

FIT for Recovery provides parents who have addiction issues and are involved in the Child Welfare system with rapid access to substance abuse treatment.

Home Free is unique among domestic violence services agencies. Rather than provide a facility or temporary apartments for individuals and families fleeing domestic violence, Home Free helps survivors secure their own housing and assists them in staying there -- safely and independently. Home Free also provides emergency services, support groups, and child- and teen-specific programs for children up to age 18 who may have witnessed or experienced intimate partner violence.

My Little Waiting Room® is a drop-in childcare facility at Providence Portland and St. Vincent Medical Centers for families with business at the hospital. A community partnership of My Little Waiting Room®, Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation, and Volunteers of America Oregon, the state-licensed program includes childcare provided by experienced VOA Oregon staff, who are experts in helping strengthen families in crisis.