Child/Youth and Family Services

Child/Youth and Family Services

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Emergency Hotline: 503-771-5503
Business Line: 503-239-3929

At Home Free we know that domestic violence is something women and children go through together and that children’s ability to cope and move forward is assisted by information, skill-building and emotional support.  Our Advocates are mobile and can meet with you at your home, a coffee shop or other location, or at our offices.

We provide the following services for children and families:

Home Visits: A Youth Advocate can come to your home or meet with you at our offices to give your child or children a special time for fun, support and information.
Kids’ Groups: While you attend a support group for yourself, your children can attend a group at the same site. Our kids’ groups are designed to provide play experiences, a chance to learn social skills, and share information about domestic violence in an atmosphere of emotional support and safety.
Safe Spaces support groups: Our support groups for children are presented in 12 weekly sessions for 4-6 children about the same age. A Children’s Advocate can come to your home for an initial visit if you and your child would like to enroll.
 The safe parent – and the routine, continuity and emotional support she provides - are the most important resources for children exposed to batterers.  Survivors may speak with a Children’s Advocate for individual problem solving around responding to children’s difficult questions and behaviors. We can also make referrals to other child and family resources.
Teen Advocacy:
 Teenagers have unique needs as survivors of a home with a batterer. They may be dealing with abusive partners of their own as well.  Home Free’s Teen Advocate can meet with teens as part of a family or on their own.  Click here to learn more about Home Free's Teen Program.

Program Brochures:  Learn more from our Growing up in Violence, Resources for Teens, and Connecting with Your Teen brochures.