Charity-Connections Vehicle Donation Partner Program

Charity-Connections Vehicle Donation Partner Program

Contact us by phone at 503-239-7944 or 1-877-VOA-3977

How can Charity Connections help you gain a new avenue to unrestricted revenue for your organization?

When you become a partner in Volunteers of America Oregon's Charity Connections, you can accept donated vehicles to benefit your organization.

For over 20 years, the revenue generated from the Volunteers of America Oregon Vehicle Donation Program has provided a significant portion of funding for our vital community social services programs. Now, we want to pass those benefits along to you!

How You Benefit

Join over 200 charity partners and:

  • Expand giving opportunities for your donors
  • Increase unrestricted revenue
  • Receive customized brochures to promote your vehicle program

Participating charities include Albertina Kerr Centers, the Alzheimer's Association, CASA for Children, Cascade AIDS Project, the Oregon Food Bank, the Oregon Zoo, Portland Women's Crisis Line and many more.  For a full list of partners, click here.

How We Support You

We sell vehicles to certified automotive dealers as well as the general public to ensure the maximum sale price. We are a state-licensed dealer and follow all DMV regulations and procedures. Our services include:

  • Year-round certified dealer auctions  
  • Full-service towing
  • Maximum exposure for all vehicles

 Vehicle Donation benefits donors and the whole community

"We have used Charity Connection for our Building in Faith capital campaign.  In three years we have raised over $10,000 in donations.  The program is easy to use and convenient for our donors.  All we have to do is send out a thank you note. We will definitely continue to promote our relationship with Charity Connections to our donors." 

-Kim Calkins, Development Director, Our Lady of the Lake, Lake Oswego, OR

"Donating this vehicle to Our Lady of the Lake was an easy choice and an easy solution to getting rid of the extra car in our driveway.  It may have taken us weeks to sell my father’s old car, not to mention the hassle of running an ad and showing the car to prospective buyers.  Just one phone call and a form to fill out and Charity Connection took care of the rest.  The best part is the donation will help to build our new School and Parish Center." 

- Doug and Brenda Graham, Donor 
How to Get Started:  

Call us at (503) 239-7944 and we'll help you start the process
Tell your supporters that they can donate vehicles to support your organization
Promote vehicle donations through your agency's newsletter and Web site
Link to on your Web site and refer interested donors there

We'll Take Care of the Rest

We will:

  • Respond to inquiries from your supporters within 24 hours and explain the fast and simple donation process
  • Arrange for vehicles to be picked up, most within 48 hours
  • Process necessary DMV paperwork and provide donor with receipt
  • Sell the vehicle at weekly auctions and send you a sales report for each vehicle sold

Our Commitment to Service

Volunteers of America Oregon nurtures, uplifts, and empowers the most vulnerable members of our community, helping over 17,000 people each year.  We've been providing social services since 1896 and have expanded to over 24 programs.

Charity Navigator, the nation's leading independent charity evaluator, has given Volunteers of America its highest ranking, and SmartMoney magazine rated Volunteers of America as one of the nation's best and most efficient charities.  Now, you can benefit from that efficiency!

For more information on Volunteers of America Oregon's Charity Connections Vehicle Donation Partner Program and how you can get started, contact us at 503-239-7944.

Our DMV Dealer number is #DA8053.