Caregiver Relief

Caregiver Relief

The Caregiver Relief Fund and Caregiver Scholarships help seniors and disabled adults attend our two Adult Day Centers by providing financial assistance to cover fees.

Support from the Caregiver Scholarship Fund is administered to seniors based on established criteria, including family income, caregiver employment status, client Veteran status, and whether the client has  Alzheimer’s disease or another diagnosis of dementia.  

Please contact Julie Harms (503-760-2075) or Alison Bookman-Skidmore (503-335-9980) to find out more about qualifying for the Caregiver Scholarship Fund.

The Caregiver Scholarship Fund is supported by generous donations from the US Bancorp Foundation, Keren Brown Wilson and Michael DeShane, and from individuals in our community.  To donate to the Fund, please click here.

The Caregiver Relief Fund is offered by Multnomah County, Aging and Disabilities Department Family Caregiver Program. To learn more, click here.