Awards and Recognition - MRC

Awards and Recognition

For 25 years, Greg Stone has been the Program Director at Volunteers of America Oregon's Men's Residential Center (MRC), working tirelessly to inspire men toward making positive life changes.


In the 52-bed facility occupied by participants referred from the Multnomah County criminal justice system, Greg has succeeded in creating one of the most highly regarded substance abuse rehabilitation programs in the county—according to Kathleen Treb, former Assistant Director for the Department of Community Justice, Multnomah County.

Men who had previously never known lives without crime and drug addiction are receiving the level of care and support at MRC that's necessary to live clean and sober lives and to contribute back to the community.

In a greatly deserved tribute for his achievements and commitment, Greg received the 2007 Hilltop Award from the Multnomah County’s Commission on Children, Families & Community (CCFC). "Hilltop" stands for Heroes Inspiring Leadership, Learning, Teamwork, Opportunity and Pride—and we can think of no better way to describe Greg Stone!

"Greg's professional competence is fueled by his compassion," says Pam Kelly, Rehabilitation Division Director, who nominated Greg for the award. "He gives the men what most people don't believe they deserve—respect. But in return he asks them to be accountable—perhaps for the first time in their lives—to others and more importantly, to themselves."

Kay Toran added words of praise, "Greg has been a true inspiration to his staff, our staff, the men at the center, and to the community at large."

Congratulations, Greg!  We thank you for all you do.                               


Greg Stone, Kay Toran, and former VOAOR staff person Toni Jacobson were recognized by Portland State as PSU graduates who have made contributions to the field of social work. Learn more about this award: The 50-50 project. Congratulations to Greg, Kay, and Toni, but also to all the men and women who benefit from their diligence and devotion each day.