What is the future of social care and social change?

What is the future of social care and social change?

Laura Nissen, Ph.D., MSW

Skills for helpers and change agents

With Laura Nissen, Ph.D., MSW


Cost: $60 for half day of trainings (3 CEUs)

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What do you think social care and social change will look like in the year 2032? Will there be more of the things you care about – and less of the things you don’t want to see? How will technology, climate change and other ecosystemic factors like the future of work, public health, migration and others influence the landscape of what social care and change means and looks like? What are the biggest threats to an anti-racist, high equity, and effective/accessible care landscape in the years to come? More importantly – will you be ready? Will human services be ready? Are we learning all we can from essential and important social change leaders who are giving a “window” on how social change will shape the future? This session will introduce helping professionals to the concept of “futures thinking” and “foresight” to help envision how changes in the world today (both wanted and unwanted) will likely shape what happens next. Exploring issues of utopias vs. dystopias, agency vs. inevitability, and the use of imaginaries and collaborative learning to prepare yourself, your organization and the community you live in, for the future you want is the focus of this workshop. Come prepared for an unusual and engaging session to help you expand your sense of your own and your professions’ futures.


Jan 05 2022


1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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