Promoting Racial Justice in Clinical Ethical Decision-making

Promoting Racial Justice in Clinical Ethical Decision-making

With Wayne Scott & Tori Lopez

The COVID Pandemic has brought unprecedented pressure onto helping professionals in health, human services, and non-profit settings. In addition to the rapid spread of sometimes lethal sickness, hitting hard in communities of color, there is renewed scrutiny of unjust police practices and the way they impact members of the African-American community. The dramatic economic downturn has also negatively impacted communities of color and diminished resources available to agencies that provide urgently needed resources.

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought renewed attention to racial inequities in our communities; it is imperative for helping professionals to center racial justice in the ways they work, particularly when it comes to clinical ethical decision-making. How do we deepen our commitment to racial justice beyond the usual statements about cultural competency and social justice? How to update our own personal commitment to racial justice in how we tackle our work?

This webinar provides a forum for helping professionals to deepen their commitment to racial justice. It provides an ethical decision-making model that centers racial justice as it helps practitioners resolve ethical dilemmas related to the COVID pandemic and other racial inequities.

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Jan 06 2021


8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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