Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services

Providing daytime care and support for disabled and elderly adults 

We understand that it is difficult when a loved one needs help to function independently at home. Our two state-certified Adult Day Centers provide quality care for elderly and disabled adults and support for family caregivers through a nurturing, compassionate option that benefits participants and family caregivers alike.

What are Adult Day Services?

Adult Day Services are a structured, comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of functionally and/or cognitively-impaired adults.  Adult Day Services provide individually-planned service, supervision, social and related support services, and health monitoring in a protective setting during any part of a day, but less than 24-hour care.

Our Services:

  • Help elderly and disabled adults remain at home longer and have fewer trips to the hospital
  • Assist in sustaining family stability
  • Support caregivers in maintaining a system of home-based care
  • Enable caregivers to maintain employment
  • Lower stress levels for both participant and family members
  • Provide an economical alternative to a nursing home

You may also download or print out the Intake Forms here:

Marie Smith Center online intake form 
Marie Smith Center intake form--print version 

Lambert House online intake form 
Lambert House intake form--print version 

Our Core Values:

Honoring Our Participants: We are dedicated to helping participants remain as healthy and independent for as long as possible. All participants are treated with respect and consideration. Our trained staff is selected for their caring nature and devotion to the populations we serve.

Making Every Day Joyful: We encourage participation in our activities. Music, art and exercise classes are balanced with quiet time. There are monthly outings and celebrations. All activities provide opportunities for friendship and fellowship.

Supporting Caregivers: We empower caregivers to provide the best care to their loved ones while maintaining their own health and wellness.  Find out more about Caregiver Support Services.

Contact Us:
Marie Smith Health & Social Center: 503-335-9980  
Lambert House Health & Social Center: 503-760-2075 
Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Our Adult Day Centers have received funding support from the Oregon Department of Human Services and the Alzheimer's Foundation of America to pilot an innovative therapeutic program for later stage Alzheimer's sufferers with Sundowner's Syndrome. This pilot will begin at Lambert House in January 2015. Read about the project in our latest newsletter.