¡Adelante!: Latino Culturally-Specific Addictions Prevention and Treatment Program


Latino Culturally-Specific Addictions Prevention and Treatment Program

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Problem Gambling Services:
Phone: 503-593-1931

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services:
Phone: 503-593-1931

¡Adelante! offers compassionate, caring and effective treatment services in a culturally-responsive manner that promote long-term health and recovery.
¡Adelante! was awarded a Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Fund grant to provide prevention services in Milwaukee middle and high school School Based Health Clinics. We thank KPCF for this opportunity to reach more youth, promoting overall health and academic success.

¡Adelante! and Open Services have recently come to a collaborative agreement with Human Solutions Inc. We will co-locate ¡Adelante! counselors in Human Solutions program offices and provide on-site outpatient A&D, mental health, gambling, and family therapy services as well as staff training. On-site counselors means greater access to services. Research shows that the faster services can be offered to the client the higher success rate for change. Together our agencies will make great inroads to serving the people of Multnomah County in this collaborative effort.

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Prevención Sobre Los Problemas Del Juego Entre Los Latinos


WHAT IS ¡Adelante! ?

¡Adelante! is a comprehensive treatment program that provides addictions and wellness treatment in a culturally specific manner to help individuals make positive life changes.

Alcohol & Drug Assessment and Treatment
Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
DUII Counseling
Case Management
Aftercare Services
Gambling Counseling
Naturopathic Services


¡Adelante! provides a wide array of treatment and support services. Services are available in both English and Spanish, and are customized to meet the specific, unique needs of each client. Some of the services Adelante provides are:


¡Adelante! provides a wide range of services for individuals with substance abuse needs. Every client is treated with respect and encouraged to make important changes that will lead to a positive and clean life. Substance abuse treatment services are confidential.

¡Adelante! is one of Oregon’s providers of gambling treatment services. These services are made available at no charge to the client. Gambling treatment services are confidential. We have initiated a Latino Gambling Prevention Project. Click here for the Project Introductory Letter,  Flyer  and Pre/Post Survey Forms  

East Multnomah County 
10564 SE Washington Street, Portland OR
(on the MAX blue line and near bus lines #15, 20, and 22 and the MAX green line)