Volunteer Spotlight

Last year, more than 900 volunteers helped Volunteers of America Oregon's dedicated employees to serve over 17,000 people in the Portland metro area.  Here is the story of just one of the hundreds of individuals who give of their time, talents, and effort to help us make a difference in the lives of so many:

Srs Sharon and Pat came to Lambert House at the end of the growing season and began working with the elderly participants to put the beds to sleep, practice songs to sing during spring planting, and sprout seeds in-doors.  This process roots those slipping into dementia in natural cycles and gets them excited about what is coming next.

"In life, we show up and are willing to be ourselves with love, compassion, and respect in a world that can be devoid of that for frail elderly," explained Sr. Pat.  "As a culture we are beginning to create life-giving, inclusive, loving communities of respect."

Read about how volunteering has enabled Srs Sharon & Pat to become part of a community dedicated to reciprocity.

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