How to Apply

You can apply for any of our volunteer opportunities simply by contacting Volunteer Services.  The steps below let you know what to expect from the application process.

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All new volunteers are required to attend a new volunteer orientation prior to their first day of service.  These orientations are held twice a month at different days and times to fit your schedule, and all are held at our Administrative offices.  Visit our main Volunteer Services page for the current orientation schedule.

At orientation, you will learn about the history of Volunteers of America Oregon, the different programs we operate, the current volunteer opportunities available, and be able to begin the application process by filling out a few forms and having your ID checked for our mandatory background check.  See the "Qualifications" section below for more information about our background check policy.

Following orientation, you will be given contact information for the program of your choice so that you can follow-up with them to apply to a specific position.  Completing orientation does not guarantee a placement at any of our programs.

If you do not feel ready to make a commitment after orientation, you will have the option to receive email updates on the program(s) of your choice and/or join us for a one-time group project

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At orientation, you will be given contact information for the Program Volunteer Coordinator, who can answer your questions and see if you are a good fit for each other.  If you are brought on-board, they will provide your program orientation and connect you with a supervisor for your position.  This supervisor will be sure you have the training and resources to succeed at a position you enjoy, and will be your main contact for any questions or concerns you have during your service.

If at any time you would like to explore volunteer opportunities at any other program, simply let your supervisor know or contact Volunteer Services.  It is easy to transfer between programs once you are a VOA volunteer!

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To ensure the safety and quality of our volunteer program for all clients, volunteers, and staff, you will go through a screening to determine your fit for the position you are interested in.  Although qualifications for specific positions vary, all of our short- to long- term positions have the following requirements:

  • Confidentiality - Client and agency information shared with you during your service must be kept confidential.
  • Commitment - The ability to commit to a given shift is necessary for you to fully benefit from training provided and build relationships with clients and staff.
  • Respect - Open communication, willingness to learn, teamwork, and respect of diversity are vital qualities for all of our programs and positions.
  • Background Check - Due to the nature of our services, background checks are required for all of our positions.  In most cases, this is a simple process initiated at orientation and completed when you are accepted into a position.  We are committed to providing opportunities for those with criminal histories to build work experience and serve the community in an appropriate position.

If you have any concerns about whether your criminal history might be an obstacle to the position of your choice, please contact Volunteer Services.

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Volunteer Services

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