Addiction Prevention and Treatment Programs

Everyone deserves a life free from addiction. 

VOA Oregon’s Addiction Prevention and Treatment Programs can help you make the first step toward that freedom.

We provide outpatient treatment that helps adults overcome problem gambling and drug and alcohol addiction; drug court diversion counseling, and corrections transition programs for adults in recovery and for young men 18 to 25. We provide a residential drug and alcohol treatment program for men referred by the criminal justice system. Two new programs provide on site prevention and treatment programs: our co-located addictions screening and counseling at Multnomah County's Rockwood Health Clinic and prevention and treatment for teens in Milwaukee middle and high schools.

Our services are confidential, comprehensive, and effective.  We offer culturally-specific outpatient treatment services for the Latino and Asian communities.

Services include:

InAct Treatment and Prevention
Directors: Anthony Jordan and David Corse

Re-Entry  and Transition Services
Director: Kathy Sévos

Prevention Services
Director: Elizabeth Sherman

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