FIT For Recovery

To refer someone to this program, call 503-236-3033

About Our Program
FIT (Family Involvement Team) for Recovery provides parents who have addiction issues and are involved in the Child Welfare system with rapid access to substance abuse treatment.

Our services are designed to engage participants in treatment.  We work in collaboration with Multnomah County, six local alcohol & drug treatment agencies, and the DHS (Department of Human Services) Self-Sufficiency Office. Our Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors and Outreach Workers are available at the Juvenile Court and all Multnomah County DHS offices.  Throughout the past two fiscal years, we served approximately 500 clients each year. Participants must be referred to our program by their DHS Child Welfare caseworker. To learn more about the FIT Collaborative, see their webpage.

Program Director: Freyda Calderon
Office: 503-972-9523
Cell:  503-473-3341